Trust is a Process


During this week´s Sunday evening Intuitively Speaking radio show I talked about trust — trusting yourself and building trust with others — and described a process that we go through to build trust. Here is a summary of that process:

  • You must take the first step to achieve or rebuild trust.
  • Do it for yourself, to deepen your own integrity and personal mind-body-spirit alignment.
  • Expect nothing in return.
  • You do not need to justify your “Trust” stance – acting from trust is not an opinion; it is your self-truth and no one else’s.
  • Remember that you cannot “Mind Read” – you do not know what others are thinking or what their motives might be.
  • Be open, receptive, and aware to any changes that occur, and be okay with them.
  • Be prepared to continue to relate to the situation so more Trust, truth telling, and truth sharing occurs.

And here are the 4 Questions to help build more self-trust:

  1. Where in your life could you have more trust in yourself?
  2. How are you not trusting yourself or the others involved?
    How are you trusting yourself and still being misled, misleading yourself, or being disappointed?
  3. What insights do you have about how you can trust yourself to improve the situation?
  4. What trustworthy actions can you take the next time a similar situation occurs that will increase your confidence to trust yourself?

What is your experience with trust?

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