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Questions for Personal Awareness

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As a continuation of my Intuitively Speaking Radio program’s 4 questions series to expand your personal awareness and intuitive abilities. Here are four simple yet great questions to start your day.

  1. What is this day going to bring?
  2. What might be good to be aware of…, pay special attention to?
  3. How might I prepare for today? Or how can I bring greater awareness to my world today?
  4. What will I do right now to be more aware throughout the day?

I suggest that you write the questions down in a journal. Read the first one and pause to let the mind settle onto the question.   Continue reading

Finding Focus – Get to Where You Want to Be

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Presenting at ToP Annual Meeting

Presenting at the ToP Annual Meeting

I am back from the weekend at the Technology of Participation Network Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas where I provided an Accelerated Learning Immersion Experience to more than 80 ToP facilitators from all over the United States, many of whom work internationally (more about this in a later post).

At the end of last Sunday’s Intuitively Speaking radio program where the topic was Finding Focus – To Get to Where You Want to Be. I shared key questions to help listeners regain their focus.

Now that I can focus, here are the four questions to help you maintain your focus.   Continue reading