Stories that Inspire Meaning: EbertFest & Indie Films


Tonight on my radio show, Intuitively Speaking, I explored the power and relevance of Personal Stories to life and life coaching, that is, bringing out the best in others. Your life is your “Seminal work”—your decisive, influential work.

I am reminded by my annual trip to Roger Ebert’s Film Festival that two cornerstones of the coaching process are Engage and Discovery. The creators of the mostly independent films are often guided by their personal stories, sometimes feeling compelled to tell them. They engage us, and through them we often discover something about them, or about ourselves. Sometimes we get to see someone’s destiny that is for us just a dream.

Consider that our lives are independent films, each with its own story, its own rhythm and rhyme. What’s yours? My role as a coach is to empower you to bring your story forward. My role is to identify, nurture, and coax your story out and have you experience the story you need to know.

Please share your responses to this week’s 4 Questions about Your Life Story here. Get inspired by what you read. We want to hear your story!

  1. As the Writer and Director of your life’s story, where is it going?
  2. What creates drama in your life and what provides comic relief?
  3. How does the drama and comedy keep your life’s story moving forward?
  4. Where do you want your life’s script to go from here?

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