Staying Centered in the Midst of Chaos


During my radio show, Intuitively Speaking, this evening, I talked about the need for us to handle all of the emotional energy that relates to the challenges around the world. Here are the 4 Questions for being clear about how much energy you want to spend on any situation:

  1. What am I feeling about this situation?
  2. What am I being called to do, if anything? (If you are not guided to do anything, then let it go.)
  3. How do I know that I am truly being called to do something and not being pulled into it by outside pressures? (What are the internal indicators that say I must act?)
  4. What is the best use of my energy at this time?

I highly recommend that you write out your answers to the first three questions, and let these insights lead you to your answer for the fourth. Now, go forward with confidence that you have made the correct choice for you right now.

What other ways do you stay in touch with yourself to know where to spend your energy?

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