Questions for Personal Awareness


As a continuation of my Intuitively Speaking Radio program’s 4 questions series to expand your personal awareness and intuitive abilities. Here are four simple yet great questions to start your day.

  1. What is this day going to bring?
  2. What might be good to be aware of…, pay special attention to?
  3. How might I prepare for today? Or how can I bring greater awareness to my world today?
  4. What will I do right now to be more aware throughout the day?

I suggest that you write the questions down in a journal. Read the first one and pause to let the mind settle onto the question.   If anything comes to you write it down exactly the way that it comes, free of any judging or evaluating. Then go to the next question read it, pause, and once again write down whatever comes to you. Repeat for each of the remaining questions. Put aside the questions and your jottings then go about your day.

In the evening review your day then go to your journal to see what you wrote. You might just be inspired, awed, or even a bit surprised.

I look forward to you sharing your experiences here or on the next Intuitively Speaking radio program Sunday evenings from 10-11 pm on WCCO 830 AM.

Next on Intuitively Speaking

HandsThe evening before Valentine’s Day we will be discussing how to be more heartfelt toward yourself as well as your loved ones, especially during trying times. In additional I will have a guest, Paula Quinlan, a national certified natural health professional. She will share her road to recovery from Lyme disease in which she used holistic approaches to regain her health and well being.  Paula comes with a vast tool kit of healing therapies, including aromatherapy and Reiki.

Tune in Sunday evenings from 10-11 pm on WCCO 830 AM to learn more about ways to use holistic approaches to help you maintain or regain your health.

Learn more about Paula at and be ready to call in with your questions, comments, and personal experiences. Or leave your questions here!

Later, I’ll share about the Dwelling in the Woods Retreat Center.

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