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What do you want to leave behind when it is time for you to head into new territory? Life is full of changes, and our current environment seems to be accelerating the need to be flexible and adaptable.

Participants from this past week’s Paddle Your Own Canoe to A Values Led Life workshop wanted to let go of Fear and Anger.

We may not always be able to leave them behind—but we can learn to recognize them, rethink our perception of them, and discover which one of our Values helps move us through our Fear, Anger, and also Sadness. And, not to be overlooked, we have a Value for maximizing our enjoyment of Joy!

Some of the surprises came by discovering which emotional experiences participants were avoiding. One person noticed that as soon as she got to Joy she was in a hurry to leave it. Another wanted to avoid Fear because it represents moving into the unknown; she also discovered that singing helped her take the first steps.

Every participant developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of their Core Values and the need to stay in the flow of life. By befriending each of the four basic emotions plus rethinking your perception of emotional states, you can keep your stress at a healthy level and be more adaptable to life’s fluid nature.

Paddle Your Own CanoeSome of the main reasons participants came to the course were to:

  • Regain health after an illness
  • Access more mental and emotional strength to address future challenges
  • Be self-nurturing
  • Achieve more balance and stability

I am grateful for a being able to share this valuable information with others. As one participant said, “The concepts were fresh and presented in a way that was easy to absorb and comprehend.”

The Paddle Your Own Canoe workshop is available also for groups and organizations wanting to do Values work and is available both live and online.  I can be reached at 952-486-1298 or, or through the form on the Contact page.

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