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Canoeing solo

Canoeing solo

This past year was my 14th year of solo canoeing. After eight days of being alone, I returned home pleasantly pacified but inwardly unsettled. The journey is still incomplete. Although Mother Nature with all her raw and untamed beauty did an exquisite job of providing me with a variety of luscious scenery, soothing bliss, and quiet solitude, this trip has requested something of me that I must fulfill.

This year – unlike others – is a culminating trip. It marks the end of one part of my life’s journey and the beginning of another. It is one of the number stops on a combination lock.

Looking back I now understand that my first canoe trip was a preceding number stop on my life’s journey. The “lock,” however, has yet to fall open and expose all of it contents.

What is ahead? I do not know. What I do know is that I am living into an undefined and undetermined future. Since my return there has been a relentless desire to share my experiences. They, not me, are asking to be given a voice and a place. And now this will be their home.

It is this urging that compels me onward. This same kind of urge spawned my first canoe trip and kept calling me to go back again and again. And the end of my most recent trip this same desire is calling me to move forward into a different wilderness. …One that is equally unpredictable.

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