“Paddle Your Own Canoe” This Saturday!


What are your values? Can you name your top five right right now? Everybody knows that values are important and that we live by them. However when asked we often can not easily say them. ThisĀ  Saturday, May 21 from 9 am to 3 pm you could learn your Core Values and achieve more calm in your life… all at the same time!

After this fun, experiential workshop you will understand how to stay better balanced and use your values to move through challenging situations.

Paddle Your Own CanoeHere is what you will paddle away with:

  • Relieve mental and emotional stress by living in harmony with your values
  • Identify your Core State for personal well being
  • Discover your Guiding Life Principle
  • Identify your Key Life Values
  • Live life centered around what is important to you

If want to reduce stress and improve the quality of your interactions and relationships come explore with us.

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