Look Around with Awareness


[quote]Don’t look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness. — James Thurber[/quote]

If the idea of intuition as your power tool for self-awareness, trust, and personal connection is too overwhelming, then consider a simple step of just being more aware. This past week’s 4 Questions – the questions I share weekly on my radio program, Intuitively Speaking, which airs Sunday evenings from 10-11 pm on 830 WCCO AM  – are intended to expand awareness. Those questions are below.

I suggest that you record the questions into a journal and spend a few moments early in the day ask yourself the following questions and “cue” your mind, body, and spirit to engage in responding the them. The mind grows heated in its desire to respond to a question…

Then later in the day, review the questions and write down your insights. If you prefer, share your insights out loud with a friend or family member and then write them down. This is one of the methods I used to that enhanced my intuitive abilities, my visual acuity, and awareness to messages coming from my “gut.”

  • In what ways do you want to expand your awareness? Be specific.
  • What would “being more aware” look like, sound like, being like, feel like?
  • How would “being more aware” enrich your life?
  • What steps or actions can you start with?

Important: Be sure to complete all four questions. It is the process of answering the whole sequence of questions that leads to increased awareness.

Face, contemplatingA personal story of (not) paying attention

I noticed the two men standing by an outdoor pay phone during on that cold winter evening; some part of me had registered that they were not talking on the phone but I did not perceive my incoming warnings indicating how odd it was.

I was lost in my own thoughts as I walked pasted the two men, who then followed me into the empty parking lot. That was my personal contribution to the mugging. Had I been more attentive to their presence I might have turned around, taken a different path, or waited until there were others coming into the lot.

It no longer matters what I did not pay attention to. What happened, happened, and it turned out to be a powerful experience worthy of the lessons learned.

I look forward to your sharing your experiences here or on my radio program!

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