Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, and Intuition


Learning Preferences and Multiple Intelligences are the avenues by which we learn or process our world; they are like a ‘software’ that helps us use our skills and abilities. I define Intuition as being able to pay attention and understand your inner cues and clues, which are responses to your environment.

Bruce H. Lipton, in his book The Biology of Belief, provides evidence that we are continually responding to our environment. We are either growing—which I believe is also learning—or we are protecting ourselves from our surroundings. Knowing your own learning styles helps you understand how you take in information, process it, and then apply it.

The Multiple Intelligences that Howard Gardner discovered are another way to know yourself. We all have these eight intelligences. Some we have either developed more than others or we are naturally more talented at. Download your free Multiple Intelligences self-assessment here.

Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles Can Improve Intuition

Shining through the keyholeHow does knowing your Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles or Preferences help you become more intuitive? The more aware you are of your own methods of engaging and processing your interactions and your environment, the more effective you can be at picking up the subtle cues and clues that your inner mind, inner ears, or body are sending you.

Knowing which Personal Preferences and Intelligences are your strengths and which are not can be helpful in becoming more aware of how your own intuition might be communicating with you. Of course, you still need to develop your intuition by paying attention, interpreting it, and acting on it.

Intuition is a skill to be developed and honed.

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An Intuition paradox

By becoming more adept at any of your Intelligences, or all of them, you increase the ways your intuition can communicate to you. What is most interesting to me about the relationships between Intuition, Learning Preferences, and Multiple Intelligences is that Intuition seems to come through the ones you favor least.

For example, my strongest Learning Preference and Intelligence is Kinesthetic, which means I process information best if I am physically interacting with the information—I learn by doing. My least effective method of taking in information is listening. Yet, my intuition communicates to me most frequently as an inner voice, which signals me either by giving me a directive to follow or with the phrase, “pay attention.” The magnitude or volume of that inner voice usually indicates the level of urgency that accompanies it.

How do you notice your own intuition? How does your intuition relate to your intelligences?

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