Learning and Natural Abilities

Multiple Intelligences

This evening’s Intuitively Speaking radio show was about your natural ability to process your experiences. Often we look at Learning Styles and the Multiple Intelligences as classroom learning tools, but they are more about the way we are wired to experience life.

Many facets of intelligenceEveryone actually has all 8 Intelligences, with some more developed than others. The Multiple Intelligences Assessment helps you integrate and retain your experiences, which helps you to be more effective in life.

The Learning preferences of the Building Excellence® Survey help you to understand yourself in six areas that help you be at your best in any situation. I provide both personal and group assessments, and also use that assessment as part of my coaching programs.

According to Bruce H. Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, we have two basic responses to our environment: 1) growth and 2) protection. Knowing your natural Intelligences and your Learning Preferences help you to know that you are growing?learning and processing your life and its experiences effectively?or know that your are protecting yourself from an environment that is stressful to you.

The 4 Questions for Self-Learning

These questions are a start for learning more about yourself.

  1. What types of skills do you enjoy engaging in the most – visual activities, physical, or auditory: language based: converse, talk, listening? When you process information do you talk to yourself, visualize, or want to “do it” yourself?
  2. What might this say about your natural preferences for taking in new information?
  3. How might knowing more about your learning preferences be helpful to you in your life,  both your personal and work life?
  4. What steps will you take to be more natural at experiencing life?

If you want more insight download the Multiple Intelligences Assessment here. Or, contact me for a more in depth review of your Multiple Intelligences and Learning Preferences at Cheryl@GoingGenius.com

What have you discovered about how you learn and how you experience life?

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