“Intuitively Speaking” Radio Program Launched


Last night my Radio Program Intuitively Speaking debuted from 10 – 11 pm on News Radio, 830 WCCO. It was fun to converse on a topic that I am passionate about – Intuition – and have callers ask questions and give their input. Of course, Jearlyn Steele is a phenomenal co-host. She asks great questions and really kept me mentally on my toes. You can listen or download the podcast of the program and I’ll post that link as soon as it is available.

Here are the Intuitive Insights from the program:

  • Intuition is 100% accurate
  • Everybody has it, we are born with it
  • The challenge is often in interpreting it correctly
  • We can develop intuition

And as promised, here are the 4 Ques or questions to explore and expand your intuitive abilities.

  1. What is intuition based on in my own experience with it?
  2. When has it worked for me and when has it not?
  3. How has it helped me so far in my life and how do I want it to help me now?
  4. What is the first step I am willing to take to expand my intuitive abilities? (to hear it, see it, feel it)

I recommend keeping a journal of your responses to these questions and record experiences where your intuition is showing up. Let the questions be guides to your discovery. Have fun with it and notice even the slightest of insights or changes.

Next Sunday, Jan. 23rd, I look forward to your call about your intuitive experiences and how they are showing up in your life. Go intuitively forward!

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