An Intuitive Story: “Call Me”


Here’s a story that a client sent me. It is a good example of how important it is to pay attention to the messages you receive. In this case the message came through a dream. Since dreams are non-linear they can often inform us of what is coming, as you will see in the following story.

The fact that the dream was so memorable and clear is an indication that it is important. The next step is to let the experience to unfold by letting your intuition and your actions guide you, as it did for Ruth.

[quote]Last week, my wife, Ruth, dreamed that she opened a book and there was a note, “Call me,” from the mother of a girl whom she had mentored over the last couple of years. On Sunday, Ruth was at church, ready to go home, and she couldn’t find her purse. Ruth looked everywhere and then went back to a Sunday school room where the high school kids hang out, even though she had looked there earlier. This time she spotted it, went in to pick it up, and ran into the girl she had mentored. [/quote] [quote]The girl asked Ruth if she could give her a ride home. Ruth said, “yes,” and on the way, remembering the dream, asked “How’s your mother?” The girl said, “I’m glad you asked,” and really opened up to her about the problems her mother was having with depression. The mother is a financial advisor and had been not going to work, and the daughter was very worried about her. [/quote] [quote]Later that day, Ruth got an email from the mother stating that her daughter had told her about their talk and asked Ruth to keep it confidential. She said that she had actually considered suicide but had decided against it because of her children. Ruth is in contact with the mother now and they’re going to get together to talk. (The mother is also seeing mental health professionals and taking medications.) It’s the first time anything like that has happened to Ruth.[/quote]

Intuition not only guides us, it also helps us be servants to others who may need us to reach out to them. This story shares how important it is to notice those intuitive messages because they can be significant. You may never know who and when you might be someone else’s lifesaver.

Feel free to share your stories of Intuition here.

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