Intuition: Grow Your Own


Intuition is important

Have you ever had an experience that helped you know you made a right choice or avoid something bad but you couldn’t explain exactly what happened? Do you sometimes just “know” things? (Ever remind yourself that you should have followed your “gut instinct” after you didn’t?) Did you know that we all have intuition and that it can be grown and developed?

Open Your Mind To A New Language

My new class, Optimal Intuition, is a journey of practical experience that develops your own intuition—and your confidence in listening to that Inner Guidance System. It is designed for people who are committed to living a thriving life.

  • 8 Types of IntuitionDiscover the 8 types of intuition you already have and how they operate in your life.
  • Translate your intuitive messages into dependable, actionable perceptions and know how to “hear” them.
  • Discern who and what to trust so you have a more authentic, thriving, and powerful life.

Learn more about Optimal Intuition here. The journey starts Wednesday, May 13th with 5 sessions that run through June 10th and will meet in New Brighton, MN. Contact me for special pricing before May 10th. And watch for more about the 8 types of intuition in future posts.

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