Oh My Myo-Fascia: Intuition Brings Relief from a Debilitating Disease


This past week I did healing work with someone who is recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome.* Despite making great strides in her recovery, “Jane” still finds eating and talking a major challenge. She cannot tighten her lips on a fork to eat normally or shape her lips to form certain sounds like, M, S, or W. Jane’s speech is slurred; her Physical Therapist told her that talking normally uses 10-20% of one’s energy but she is using 80%.

On tuning into her I could sense a large amount of tension accumulated along and just under her jaw line. It continued all the way to the back of her neck. At the back of her neck was a “knot” of built up tension radiating to the top of her head. At the front of her neck it radiated down into her chest. All of these areas were quite constricted.

“Jane, the tension in your chest feels angry. What words or thoughts do you need to get off your chest?”

“Oh, like not being able to talk normally or eat without dropping food and drooling? That’s making me feel really angry!”

I held points along her neck and spine, then shifted my finger positions to the top of her head and to her chest and again back to the back of the neck. Jane helped by placing her thumb and index finger across her neck just under her jaw. We held these points and I projected energy into those areas to loosen the tension.

Healing HandsSoon a good portion of tension released. In that moment I could not fully describe what I had done.

The next morning on waking the words came, myo fascia. I was working on the myofascia. This is what is holding onto Jane’s paralysis memory. I must call Jane to let her know. However, on getting up I got distracted and didn’t call her.

Later that afternoon Jane called and said she had been to her Physical Therapist. She told him about the specific pressure points I had held that gave her relief. They looked at a muscle and nerve chart together.

All of the places I had drawn energy to were connected to the tongue! It is the tongue that does the bulk of the work for talking and eating. The Therapist then suggested she needs myofascial release work.

Jane gratefully told me, “For all the skills and training a PT or a Doctor has, they sure still do a lot of guessing. You, Cheryl, were able to find what was getting in the way of my continued recovery. Thanks! Now my doctor and Physical Therapist can better use their skills.”

“Jane,” I told her, “this is what I love to do—work with people and their Doctors, Physical Therapists, and other Medical professionals to help them in their diagnosis and healing. It would be great to do this on a regular basis!”

This is a form of Operative Intuition and it is important in my healing; I have learned to trust my body to know what to do and follow its guidance.

* Guillain Barre Syndrome occurs when the body’s immune system begins to attack parts of the nervous system causing nerve damage. The attack leads to inflammation, muscle weakness, and paralysis. Quick diagnosis and treatment are critical to prevent and limit long term affects of the disease.

P.S. I’m almost done with updating my Intuition courses, watch for more info soon.

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