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With much gratitude I thank Nancy and Bonnie of Over-The-Speed-Limits MeetUp group for providing me the opportunity to share what I have learned about ghosts. It was great fun having an audience of 30 people who included those who have experienced ghosts, some wanting to sense or see them, and a few still skeptical of their existence.

After a brief introduction of my healing work that includes energy clearing, resolving trauma, and facilitating major life transitions, I shared a few “facts” as I understand them, such as ghosts tend to be here because they are too focused on this world, do not know where else to go, or sometimes are afraid to go to the other side for fear of what they have done. I make a big distinction between ghosts and spirits: I believe ghosts are spirits caught between this earthly world and that of the other side, whereas spirits can be freed to continue their own journey.

The audience, eager to participate and learn, offered a barrage of questions: How do you detect them? What do you do once you do? Why
are they here? Why do they show up in people’s houses? If you want to detect them, how do you? What the downside of letting them share your home? How do you get them to leave?

Personally, I believe it is important to help ghosts find a compelling reason to leave their “stuck” state of ghosthood and reenter their spiritual life on the other side. I do this by talking with them, most frequently telepathically. However, when I am ghostbusting for a client we usually spend some time at the beginning getting to know who the ghost is and why it is here then negotiating the its transition. Sometime they
have information or messages to share with their housemates.

I help ghosts cross to the "other side"Once this is done, I establish the terms of their crossing over and then help them make the journey. It is important to put in place an energy shield to keep the ghost from trying to come back. Once a ghost crosses over it is also important to not talk about the ghost for at least three days. This allows the ghosts to become adjusted on the other side and lose interest in returning.

I believe the more ghosts we help to continue their authentic journey to the “other side” the better for all of us. What do you think? What might you want to know about ghosts? Have you had experiences with ghosts?

Before we knew it our time together was over. It was a great evening. If you want to join the Over-the-Speed-Limits MeetUp I am sure you will find future topics intriguing and thought provoking. Thank you Nancy and Bonnie!

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