Finding the Best Options at the Healthy Life Expo


This past weekend’s Expo was a busy, fun place. Beside having my Granddaughter selling coffee to earn her way to a High School Research trip in Costa Rica, I was talking with both attendees and vendors about my new radio program Intuitively Speaking on WCCO 830 AM. I also c0-moderated the Exposé on Health: A Plea to the Media event, more about that in later post.

Healthy LIfe Expo 1-2011

Healthy Life Expo booth

True to its name, the Healthy Life Expo was a gathering place for many health, fitness, and nutritional practitioners and specialists, as well as other wellness and well-being consultants like myself. The major awareness I had is that people are seeking well-being – and that there is a lot out there to sort through.

How does someone find the optimal or best options for themselves?   The best place to start is to have a focus, such as

  • “I am looking for information or products that will help me to achieve better sustainable energy throughout my day.”
  • “I am interested in finding a solution to my being tired and rundown.”
  • “What product, service, or person will help me find great mental and emotional well-being?”

Then, as you move along the isles, be open to what catches your attention. It could be anything that draws you in ? the color, the smile of the person, an inner curiosity.

The next step is to engage by exploring what is interesting. Pay attention to any inner responses as you talk with or look at what is there. Let your eyes, inner voice, and inner feelings guide you. If you are like me, I find that my feet literally lead me to the best places. Or my hand reaches out, letting me know that there is something of interest to me, even though my mind is not fully aware of it yet.

Next comes asking questions, either of myself or those in the booth, to help me find if my feet or hands have helped me get closer to my desired stated goal.

Often times it’s important just to explore. The exploration is fun, and it often helps refine the goal so that you can find what you really need or want. For a product or service to be really worthy of you it must be something that is of importance, not only to your mind but to your inner, true-self being.

The more aligned you are with your inner self – that part of you connected to your higher knowingness – the easier the process becomes. Wishing you Wondrous Exploration. And I hope to “hear” from you during my Radio Program Intuitively Speaking on WCCO News Radio 830 on Sunday evenings 10-11pm (US Central Time) with my co-host Jearlyn Steele.

On Jan. 30th my Intuitively Speaking topic is Finding Focus – To Get to Where You Want to Be. The program will be on how I (and other coaches who use the Focused Conversation approach) help clients discover and understand what their goals and dreams really are. Join me!

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