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Presenting at ToP Annual Meeting

Presenting at the ToP Annual Meeting

I am back from the weekend at the Technology of Participation Network Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas where I provided an Accelerated Learning Immersion Experience to more than 80 ToP facilitators from all over the United States, many of whom work internationally (more about this in a later post).

At the end of last Sunday’s Intuitively Speaking radio program where the topic was Finding Focus – To Get to Where You Want to Be. I shared key questions to help listeners regain their focus.

Now that I can focus, here are the four questions to help you maintain your focus.   These questions can be used as a personal reflection (journaling your responses would be good) or in team settings where you can chart the information for everyone to see.

Note: using the questions in sequence helps keep you focused and directed toward actionable steps at the end.

  1. What is the situation, right now? What is the current reality?
  2. What are you sensing about the situation? What is the mood or the feelings around the situation?
  3. What will help you move forward? And what is the breakthrough that you want?
  4. What are you going to do? What is the very next step you are willing to take?

During the show Jearlyn and I talked about challenging experiences where we or others we knew had been in a “state of mind” and “state of being” that was so bad, so unfocused, and so confused that the only thing to do was to finally ask these questions. Through asking them and paying attention to the answers, finding focus becomes possible. With clarity and focus we can move ahead with greater confidence and achieve the results we were looking for.

Of course questions alone do not get you there. You must be willing to answer them honestly.

Additional hints for Success

  • To benefit from this sequence of questions, take time answering the first question to gain a complete understanding of your current situation. Gather as many details as possible.
  • Then move to the second question to reflect on what you know. The second question will provide you with additional insights and help bring more clarity.
  • Move between the first two questions several times to help you get all the details and information that is needed about the current situation. It is important to stay with the first two questions until you are confident that you have everything you need to be ready to imagine new possibilities and new options.
  • Only then ask the third question, what will help you move forward? Brainstorm as many ideas and options as you can. The more you have the more likely you will find the one that is best for you.
  • After supplying yourself with many imaginative options you are ready to ask the final questions, What are you going to do? And what is the very next step you are willing to take?

The important thing is to find the best option to move you along your life’s path. There is no one right answer, only the one that is best for you.

I look forward to your sharing your experiences using these questions here or on my Intuitively Speaking radio program, Sunday evenings, from 10-11 pm Central Time, on 830 WCCO!

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