Energy Healing as Part of My Coaching Process


Tonight on my Intuitively Speaking radio show I talked about Energy Healing and two types of stories, and how they help my clients in my coaching process. I have found that often people are held back by their incomplete—and sometimes forgotten—experiences, so to help them identify and release the “stuck” spots they create their healing story from the following questions.

Energy healing is much more simple than most people think; it is merely becoming aware of a story that you limit yourself with then shifting your thoughts about it and therefore your energy, and using that transformation to move yourself forward.

The 4 Questions: Creating Your Healing Story

Take a small incomplete story, one that you are mildly uncomfortable with and is incomplete. (Save the big ones for the Paddle Your Own Canoe Workshop next Saturday, May 21st so I can help you with them! Or schedule time for coaching, 952-486-1298.)

  1. What is your incomplete story? Write it down.
  2. What feels incomplete about this story?
  3. What are the many ways it could become complete—a whole story—with a positive, nurturing outcome?
  4. Now, if it were a “whole” story, what are the new perspectives and good feelings you would have about it?

I recommend using a journal to respond to these questions. After thinking about your story, let it rest. Come back to it and look at with a compassionate, non judgmental heart and notice the feelings you are experiencing. Refrain from justifying yourself. (This is not about being right.)

Notice when you gave up or stopped being true to yourself. This is the leverage point! A new perspective here will change the outcome and free you to claim your own truth—and a better outcome. The purpose of this self-reflection is for guiding your own healing and has nothing to do with winning an argument.

For example, if you discover you feel angry then you must find a way to release or express your anger so that it moves the situation forward for everyone. It may be as simple as stating “I am feeling angry. Before I can proceed I must look at what is triggering my anger and get back to you.”

Take ownership. Refrain from blame. You may need to state your point of view clearly without justification. Acknowledge that you feel hurt or angry and ask to be allowed to let yourself calm down before you continue. Speak your truth by using “I” statements. For example, “I am confused at this point” or “I do not know what you want or expect. How can you rephrase what you said so I can understand what you mean?”

What incomplete stories have you discovered for yourself? How have you shifted your thoughts and energy around the stories, and what has happened since then? Please share your experiences!

Best Wishes!

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