Change is Inevitable and Let’s Go With It!


I am at a turning point. After five months of my Intuitively Speaking radio program on AM 830 WCCO Radio I am signing off. It was necessary and important to bring closure to the program.

I want to publicly thank and appreciate WCCO for airing my program Intuitively Speaking. Everyone with whom I worked at WCCO was of great help. Without much pre-planning and no previous broadcasting experience, I found the weekly program to be a large undertaking. I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation and experience of each program. Jearlyn Steele was especially of great help; I definitely needed and wanted her expert advice and she gave it freely.

I came to WCCO expecting to share and expand my intuition-focused Life Coaching business. But, even though the intent of the radio program was to inspire and engage you, my audience, in the coaching experience, something else occurred. What I discovered is that to really touch the very heart of my work I must go much deeper than coaching. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing is where my focus is and needs to be. The private nature of these types of sessions keeps me from openly sharing client stories ? they are very personal, very uniquely individual; I respect and uphold the sacredness of my clients’ experiences. So, I wrestled with the desire to engage people on the air and subsequently prevented myself from truly sharing my gift of healing.

The Intuitive Healing paradox

The Intuitive Healing Paradox

The Intuitive Healing Paradox

Intuitive Healing ironically requires being safe and vulnerable at the same time, something that I felt, at this time, I could not do on the air without violating people’s boundaries. Therefore, I must let go of this particular dream to be public or, as one friend said, “A Radio Rock Star!” Though enticing, I found that this topic conflicts with my need to honor the privacy of others during their healing journey.

So, although I wanted to reach out to each one of you and invite healing into your lives, I was unable to resolve my need to first have in place a mutual agreement between us for a healing. This is something that true, transformative healing requires, otherwise I am in danger of violating personal boundaries or unknowingly opening someone up to an experience without providing the tools to complete the healing process.

My gifts are to engage clients in healing themselves and to awaken their intuitive abilities so they can continue their own healing on a day-to-day basis. Clients who work with me engage because they are ready. The power in healing is readiness. Rushing the process interferes with achieving the best possible outcome.

Unexpectedly, those who came to me from the WCCO Intuitively Speaking program came for healing work and not for coaching. I found it a challenge to openly share their personal experiences on the radio and to encourage listeners to allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Once again, I thank WCCO Radio. It is because of these past months on the radio that I now recognize that I was preventing myself from going to the places I need to go.

Healing frees us to be balanced

Today we are experiencing large amount of chaos and consciousness shifting. Healing on the energetic level frees us to rebalance and stay centered despite what is happening around us. May we all participate fully in this great positive shift of consciousness.

Now, to continue in the tradition of the journey I started on the Intuitively Speaking broadcasts, here are 4 Questions plus one more to expedite the change. The number 5 represents change, while 4 creates stability. Let’s go with the change!

5 Questions: Being in the Midst of Changing Consciousness

  1. What new consciousness do you want in the world, for yourself and others?
  2. What experiences will lead you to this greater-good consciousness?
  3. What is scary and inviting at the same time about the path before you?
  4. What must you let go of or leave behind so that you can embrace the new greater-good consciousness to its fullest?
  5. If you intuitively knew what steps to take what would they be? There, you have it!

I’m looking forward to being with you in the changing consciousness and beyond! How are you engaging?

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