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Questions for Personal Awareness

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As a continuation of my Intuitively Speaking Radio program’s 4 questions series to expand your personal awareness and intuitive abilities. Here are four simple yet great questions to start your day.

  1. What is this day going to bring?
  2. What might be good to be aware of…, pay special attention to?
  3. How might I prepare for today? Or how can I bring greater awareness to my world today?
  4. What will I do right now to be more aware throughout the day?

I suggest that you write the questions down in a journal. Read the first one and pause to let the mind settle onto the question.   Continue reading

Winners from the Exposé on Health: A Plea to the Media

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The Healthy Life Expo launched a new Media Event to help get the word out about the importance of a healthy life. Despite a few technical glitches, many heartfelt stories were shared; new venues frequently include a few unexpected challenges. Some of my thoughts on the matter are in this video:

And this one:

We had 14 contestants sharing their stories and the audience got to participate by voting for their friend or the most intriguing story. The speakers provided insight and guidance   Continue reading

Finding the Best Options at the Healthy Life Expo

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This past weekend’s Expo was a busy, fun place. Beside having my Granddaughter selling coffee to earn her way to a High School Research trip in Costa Rica, I was talking with both attendees and vendors about my new radio program Intuitively Speaking on WCCO 830 AM. I also c0-moderated the Exposé on Health: A Plea to the Media event, more about that in later post.

Healthy LIfe Expo 1-2011

Healthy Life Expo booth

True to its name, the Healthy Life Expo was a gathering place for many health, fitness, and nutritional practitioners and specialists, as well as other wellness and well-being consultants like myself. The major awareness I had is that people are seeking well-being – and that there is a lot out there to sort through.

How does someone find the optimal or best options for themselves?   Continue reading