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Oh My Myo-Fascia: Intuition Brings Relief from a Debilitating Disease

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This past week I did healing work with someone who is recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome.* Despite making great strides in her recovery, “Jane” still finds eating and talking a major challenge. She cannot tighten her lips on a fork to eat normally or shape her lips to form certain sounds like, M, S, or W. Jane’s speech is slurred; her Physical Therapist told her that talking normally uses 10-20% of one’s energy but she is using 80%.

On tuning into her I could sense a large amount of tension accumulated along and just under her jaw line. It continued all the way to the back of her neck. At the back of her neck was a “knot” of built up tension radiating to the top of her head. At the front of her neck it radiated down into her chest. All of these areas were quite constricted.

“Jane, the tension in your chest feels angry. What words or thoughts do you need to get off your chest?” Continue reading

Energy Healing as Part of My Coaching Process

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Tonight on my Intuitively Speaking radio show I talked about Energy Healing and two types of stories, and how they help my clients in my coaching process. I have found that often people are held back by their incomplete—and sometimes forgotten—experiences, so to help them identify and release the “stuck” spots they create their healing story from the following questions.

Energy healing is much more simple than most people think; it is merely becoming aware of a story that you limit yourself with then shifting your thoughts about it and therefore your energy, and using that transformation to move yourself forward. Continue reading

Staying Centered in the Midst of Chaos

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During my radio show, Intuitively Speaking, this evening, I talked about the need for us to handle all of the emotional energy that relates to the challenges around the world. Here are the 4 Questions for being clear about how much energy you want to spend on any situation:

  1. What am I feeling about this situation?
  2. What am I being called to do, if anything? (If you are not guided to do anything, then let it go.)
  3. How do I know that I am truly being called to do something and not being pulled into it by outside pressures? (What are the internal indicators that say I must act?)
  4. What is the best use of my energy at this time?

I highly recommend that you write out your answers to the first three questions, and let these insights lead you to your answer for the fourth. Now, go forward with confidence that you have made the correct choice for you right now.

What other ways do you stay in touch with yourself to know where to spend your energy?

Trust Your Intuition to Reclaim Your Health

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Paule Quinlan

Paula Quinlan

This morning, after interviewing her on my Intuitively Speaking radio program yesterday evening, I still feel the impressive message that I took away from Paula Quinlan‘s story about how she is trusting herself to remember her wholeness and reclaim her health from the debilitating chronic disease of Lyme. She is a courageous and focused person who has a mission to help others find their way through the labyrinth of pain and illness to become well and whole again. Paula’s view of wellness is not only about reclaiming physical wellness but also mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness which leads to personal wholeness.

If you are dealing with mental, emotional, or spiritual issues rather than Lyme disease you can still benefit Continue reading