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Intuition is important

Intuition: Grow Your Own

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Have you ever had an experience that helped you know you made a right choice or avoid something bad but you couldn’t explain exactly what happened? Do you sometimes just “know” things? (Ever remind yourself that you should have followed your “gut instinct” after you didn’t?) Did you know that we all have intuition and that it can be grown and developed?

Open Your Mind To A New Language

My new class, Optimal Intuition, is a journey of practical experience that develops your own intuition—and your confidence in listening to that Inner Guidance System. It is designed for people who are committed to living a thriving life.

  • 8 Types of IntuitionDiscover the 8 types of intuition you already have and how they operate in your life.
  • Translate your intuitive messages into dependable, actionable perceptions and know how to “hear” them.
  • Discern who and what to trust so you have a more authentic, thriving, and powerful life.

Learn more about Optimal Intuition here. The journey starts Wednesday, May 13th with 5 sessions that run through June 10th and will meet in New Brighton, MN. Contact me for special pricing before May 10th. And watch for more about the 8 types of intuition in future posts.

Prairie, Possibilities, and Purpose Event

Prairie, Possibilities, Purpose

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I’m looking forward to my special invitation to participate in the Prairie, Possibilities, and Purpose event for women next weekend! I’m very honored to have been asked to lead some group activities as part of the program that runs from Friday through Sunday, August 9-11. I will also be offering optional healing sessions during the free times along with the other optional activities for an additional fee.

This special event is hosted by Barb Greenberg and Kristi Skordahl and takes place at the beautiful Coteau des Prairies Ranch near Veblen, South Dakota. CLICK HERE for more information and to register for this Weekend for Women.

From the flyer:

Join like-minded women who seek to live in happiness and wholeness for a weekend of exploration, reflection and fun on the South Dakota prairie.

This weekend is designed for women who want to explore the journey within, reflect on where they have been in their lives, and create intentions for the steps ahead.

Stimulating group experiences and liberal free time to relax, restore, and recharge.

See you there!

An online festival of powerful change and achievement

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Sign up here for NLP MindfestIf you haven’t used the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) before you’re in for a real treat! Starting Monday, September 12  you can learn from the Masters of NLP.

With NLP you can change your belief system and relate well with other people. It is a very powerful communication tool.

Click on the picture to sign up to listen to the 20 free presentations and harness the power to change your own life!

Oh My Myo-Fascia: Intuition Brings Relief from a Debilitating Disease

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This past week I did healing work with someone who is recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome.* Despite making great strides in her recovery, “Jane” still finds eating and talking a major challenge. She cannot tighten her lips on a fork to eat normally or shape her lips to form certain sounds like, M, S, or W. Jane’s speech is slurred; her Physical Therapist told her that talking normally uses 10-20% of one’s energy but she is using 80%.

On tuning into her I could sense a large amount of tension accumulated along and just under her jaw line. It continued all the way to the back of her neck. At the back of her neck was a “knot” of built up tension radiating to the top of her head. At the front of her neck it radiated down into her chest. All of these areas were quite constricted.

“Jane, the tension in your chest feels angry. What words or thoughts do you need to get off your chest?” Continue reading

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