Cheryl Hiltibran, M.Ed.

Cheryl Hiltibran M.Ed.

My mission is raising conscious awareness in heart-centered individuals and organizations and my passion is helping them achieve new, even higher levels of authentic interactions that lead to better insights and powerful outcomes. My process is to combine Accelerated Learning, Intuition, brain skills, and fostering Creativity to help you create a high level of consistent performance that becomes your natural way of achieving results. I do this through  Seminars, Business Consulting, Business and Individual Coaching, group Facilitating, personal Healing, and Accelerated Learning Train-the-Trainer programs.

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Textiles and from the University of Minnesota with a Masters of Education. On weekends and breaks I spent time caving, climbing, and mountaineering. Some of my early jobs were paper carrier, house cleaner, lifeguard, and camp counselor.

To satisfy my keen interests in the outdoors and also my love for learning I started as a wilderness sporting goods buyer then became a self-employed wholesale clothing rep selling prom gowns and wedding dresses. After that, I was a technical college instructor and subsequently a college admission representative, taking an active role in developing and leading enrollment change initiatives for the school.

More recently, I worked for a publisher of self-improvement courses, which further enhanced my aptitudes in the fundamentals of human development and unleashed my passion for coaching people to reach their ultimate potential. I actively work with both individuals and organizations.

In 2004 I founded CMH Consulting to take my unique approach to professional development to business owners and their organizations. Through the CMH Consulting firm, I provide an Accelerated Learning approach to Organization Development and offer instructional design, course delivery, train-the-trainer, and other consulting services that facilitate effective change and an environment of thriving by working with the inherent energy and motivation of those involved. Coaching services are available for individuals who want to develop their skill on their own.

More information about my services and learning opportunities is available on my web site GoingGenius.com