4 Questions about Values


On my Intuitively Speaking radio show this evening I talked about the four emotional states, based on Native American beliefs, which are often called fear, anger, sadness, and joy. However, these same states can also be experienced as, respectively, excitement, confusion, acceptance, and passion.

Here are the 4 Questions that can help guide you to identify your core values:

  1. What situations continually keep you stuck?
  2. What are the “feelings,” emotions, or the mental dialogue that you are experiencing?
  3. What keeps your from moving forward and what would help you move through your stickiness?
  4. What do you want to experience instead?

Also, listeners heard me say that I am conducting a special all-day workshop on Saturday, March 26 called Paddle Your Own Canoe, which is an exploration of core values and how you can use them to navigate your life to go with your own flow. Please contact me directly for more information about the discount for participating in this workshop in exchange for your feedback.

As you go through the core value questions, what are you discovering about yourself?

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