Two Types of Everyday Intuition: Discovery and Operative


Our discussion tonight on my radio show, Intuitively Speaking, was lively! Discovery intuition is about the AHA moments, those times when we are on the edge of our comfort zones and open to learning. Operative intuition is doing—or not doing—something that helps us avoid danger or allow synchronicity. Although they are often very simple, these and other forms of intuition are forms of communication that we all have and can develop.

I had an AHA moment recently, and I know that allowing myself to pay attention to it was the key to being effective in this situation. During a Team meeting with a large corporate client, I was part of a consulting team brought in to coach and train their Customer Services Team during their transition into a new Call Service model that also included coaching for employees. During the meeting I “discovered”—I just knew—that the high level managers had bonuses dependent on getting the project completed by a specific date. The consulting team thought the date was unrealistic and wanted to renegotiate the date. When the consulting team met independently, I shared this AHA insight. Knowing that the project date was already set, we revised our strategy and helped make it happen on time.

Here are the 4 Questions for Working with Operative or Discovery Intuition:

  1. In the next day or two, where in your life would you want an Intuitive Insight?
  2. In the past, how did Intuitive experiences come to you? Describe your inner feelings, inner sight, and inner thoughts. (The purpose of this question is identify your physiological tools for activating intuition.)
  3. What new understanding do you have about your intuition that you want to test out?
  4. What do you want your Intuition to help you with now? (a repeat of the first question) – Give your intuition more details to help it out…

Trust yourself to “set up” your request for success. You can use question or a statement, which still needs completing. Once you have completed the 4 Questions, let go of the need to know. Free your mind and body, clearing your intuitive channel so it can help you.

I look forward to reading about your experiences and your questions here!

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