Winners from the Exposé on Health: A Plea to the Media


The Healthy Life Expo launched a new Media Event to help get the word out about the importance of a healthy life. Despite a few technical glitches, many heartfelt stories were shared; new venues frequently include a few unexpected challenges. Some of my thoughts on the matter are in this video:

And this one:

We had 14 contestants sharing their stories and the audience got to participate by voting for their friend or the most intriguing story. The speakers provided insight and guidance   to those in need of finding the path to a healthier life, whether that means freedom from illnesses (including cancer, pain, and depression), and mental and emotional stress. Each speaker’s background, experience, and education was as diverse as mine is to yours.

Once again I am aware that each person’s path is unique. In addition, as we seek and explore we must also trust ourselves, or learn to trust ourselves first and foremost, to find what is best for us personally. We are all here together on Earth, but each of us has a single path on our Earthly journey. These speakers are an inspiration to us for they each have taken courageous action to lead fulfilling, healthy, happy lives.

The Winners

However, I am most excited that the two winners in the friendly competition will be joining me on my radio program, Intuitively Speaking. And the winners are:

Paula Quinlan

Paula has a powerful story about her personal recovery from depression and Lyme’s disease. Paula will join me and Jearlyn Steele on Sunday, Feb. 13th on WCCO 830 AM during my regular scheduled program from 10-11 pm. Paula is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) and her web site is

Hanakia Zedek

Hanakia is the creator of The Philosophy of Nothing and author of Tao Zen Verses. He is an International Speaker, Shaman, Poet, Musician, and Teacher. Hanakia will join me and Jearlyn Steele on Sunday, Feb. 27th on WCCO 830 AM from 10-11 pm. His web site is (Note: Flash required to view the home page)

And I look forward to “hearing” from you here or on Intuitively Speaking where I will be taking your calls every Sunday evening between 10-11 p.m. on 830 WCCO.

Until then, be worthy of you!

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