Intuition is important

Intuition: Grow Your Own

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Have you ever had an experience that helped you know you made a right choice or avoid something bad but you couldn’t explain exactly what happened? Do you sometimes just “know” things? (Ever remind yourself that you should have followed your “gut instinct” after you didn’t?) Did you know that we all have intuition and that it can be grown and developed?

Open Your Mind To A New Language

My new class, Optimal Intuition, is a journey of practical experience that develops your own intuition—and your confidence in listening to that Inner Guidance System. It is designed for people who are committed to living a thriving life.

  • 8 Types of IntuitionDiscover the 8 types of intuition you already have and how they operate in your life.
  • Translate your intuitive messages into dependable, actionable perceptions and know how to “hear” them.
  • Discern who and what to trust so you have a more authentic, thriving, and powerful life.

Learn more about Optimal Intuition here. The journey starts Wednesday, May 13th with 5 sessions that run through June 10th and will meet in New Brighton, MN. Contact me for special pricing before May 10th. And watch for more about the 8 types of intuition in future posts.

Wind, Renewal, Conscious Living, and Fun!


I was out running along Medicine Lake, one of Minnesota’s many lakes. It was sunny and a blustery wind blew hard against my back. The vast sheet of ice that recently had stretched across the total expanse of the lake is now encircled by water. A month ago small fish house villages stood with pickup trucks parked nearby. Today, wavy cold water charges the shore.

It was halfway into my run when I became entranced by three converging forces: the ice, the shore, and the wind; the wind was blowing the 3 inch thick ice sheets onto the shore. Ice chunks as big as a yard square and as tiny as fists were sliding over each other making a jagged ridge of ever-increasing height with each gust of wind. Earthly music emanated from the growing ice sculpture.

I paused, taking in the beauty of the evolving scene with all my senses. Light reflecting off the ice reminded me of the promise of more warmth to come.

Energy Healing

Then it occurred to me that what I do is similar to this scene. The wind, though unseen, is felt and its effect made visible. Although my core energy healing addresses the unseen energy of the person, its effects are profoundly felt and ultimately the changes are made visible in the lives of my clients.

Seedling Energy Healing works like the wind that helps break up the ice and return the lake to its more fluid form, which in turn nurtures new growth and opportunity. It’s only natural to clear away the old and make way for the new energy. The lake is renewing its vitality.

Think of ways you can renew and revitalize your own life this Spring. What might those be? You deserve them all!

Conscious Living Expo

For those of you located in Minneapolis be sure to stop by the Conscious Living Expo hosted at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community on Saturday, April 4th from 10 am to 5 pm. I will be providing “Revitalize Your Spring Cleaning” energy readings from 10 to 3:30. Here are the Expo details.

From 4 to 5 pm at the Expo, my two collaborators, Spruce Krause and Lynne Jensen, and I will present a tasty sample of our Celebrate & Energize Workshop for Women that is coming up on Saturday, April 25th. Celebration-Energize flyer, and don’t forget to ask about our 2-for-1 Special.

Expo Special Extended

For those of you outside the Twin Cities area remember that Energy Healings are available over the phone as well as in person. For the next two weeks I will honor the Expo special of $20 for a 20 minute session. Just email, or text / call me at 952-486-1298 to schedule your “Revitalize Your Spring Cleaning” session before April 15th. Please note that all phone sessions are prepaid.

See you at the Expo!

P.S. Also watch for info about my new class, Optimal Intuition, coming soon!

PJ Party Fun!

Remember PJ Parties?

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The brainstorm went like this: What kind of event would we like to go to? What would a juicy, fun day for us look like, sound like, and feel like? What will re-infuse our souls with child-like wonder? Connecting, engaging, exploring, and dreaming with other women, just like we did when we were girls … Ah … Ah, A PJ Party for women … Yes!

The Ultimate PJ Party for Women!

Imagine …

Imagine engaging your full senses with a play day guaranteed to open your heart and renew your spirit. Spring rains bring forth bountiful colors and fragrant flowers, Autumn graces us with beautiful leaves and landscapes; as the seasons evolve so do we. And it’s getting closer to Winter here in the north country. What better time is there for the perfect indoor party for women than now?

Three spiritual explorers, Lynne Jensen, Spruce Krause, and I, have co-created a wondrous and transformational experience to share: The Ultimate Pajama Party! It’s Saturday, November 8, which is coming up rather quickly. So, what happens at this grown-up pajama party in the middle of the day, you say?

  • Have FUN at the Pajama Party!Connect with other spiritual explorers
  • Explore, ignite, and kindle your inner dreams
  • Recharge your energy to live your dreams NOW
  • Play, laugh, and have LOTS of fun!

Come Play With Us!

I cordially invite you to join us and share the fun, and all you have to do is call or email me to register. Here are the details you need to know:

The Ultimate Pajama Party For Women
Saturday, November 8 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

At the Ivy Arts Building, Suite #201
2637 – 27th Ave. So. in Minneapolis
$65, or register before October 28th for only $60
Gift Certificates available for your female loved ones

CLICK HERE to download the printable flyer

Bear wearing pajamasWear your PJs or dress for comfort and movement, and bring your own favorite pillows, blankets, and a bag lunch. Of course, stuffed animals are welcome, too. Got more ideas? We want to hear them! I’ll be glad to answer your questions or help you register via phone or email.

The Instigators

I’m really excited to be co-creating this playshop with Lynne and Spruce, fellow transformational warriors. Lynne Jensen, M.A. is a Certified Life Coach with the Institute of HeartMath and owner of Balanced Life Solutions, LLC. Spruce Krause, M.A. is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Laughter Yoga and InterPlay Leader, and a Massage Therapist who also offers Life/Career Coaching and Counseling. We’re a fun and inspiring bunch to play with!

Minneapolis Convention Center

October Healthy Life Expo!

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This Year Passes Quickly!

So quickly! Its that time of year again—beautiful fall colors, we’ve already had frost, and indoor activities are on our mind. And, of course, the October Healthy Life Expo is happening again. I’m looking forward to seeing friendly and familiar faces at my booth.

Click here for FREE tickets to the ExpoOctober is a month that I look forward to! Please visit me at the Healthy Life Expo on Saturday, Oct 18th and Sunday, Oct. 19th from 10 am to 5 pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center. CLICK HERE for more Expo details and click here for FREE TICKETS.

For New and Current Clients

Again this year I am offering two Expo Specials for $30 each, a gift basket drawing, and a referral bonus. The Expo is a great time to bring family and friends who you want to experience the benefit of a personalized energy session that will save them from stress, anxiety, and doubt about what is best for them.

Mini-Healing Session

This is a 20-minute Focused Energy Release to facilitate resolving a physical, emotional, or spiritual issue of your choice. This $30 Expo Special price will be available through October. Each person who attends a paid session at the Expo will receive an entry to win the “Mini-Retreat for the Soul” Gift Basket in a random drawing held Monday, Oct. 20. Winner will be notified by email.

Intuitive Optimal Health Reading

Back by popular demand! Discover in just 20 minutes what you can do right now to have a healthier fall and winter season and to maximize your well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This $30 Expo Special price will be available through October. Each person who attends a paid reading at the Expo will receive an entry to win the “Mini-Retreat for the Soul” Gift Basket in a random drawing held Monday, Oct. 20. Winner notified by email.

Gift BasketEvery new person who signs up to be on my email list is automatically entered into the drawing to win the “Mini-Retreat for the Soul” Gift Basket. Plus, new list members who also refer others who are interested to sign up get an additional entry for each person they refer. You do not have to be present to win.

AND for my current clients and list members, for each person you refer who signs up on my email list you, the referrer, get an entry into the drawing. So, refer 10 people, get 10 chances to win! Of course, we want them to appreciate the opportunity, too. You do not have to be present to win, either.

Can’t make it to the Expo?

Schedule a phone or Skype session with me by the end of October and you’ll still get the Expo Special $30 price.

Don’t forget to get your FREE TICKETS here. See you at the Expo!

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